Facebook recent update sent shivers down companies and news organizations spines. But rather than panic, this should be thought of as a raised bar for communication, which will lead to a more constructive and meaningful social media landscape for all.

First, a short summary: What the update in essence means is that content from friends and family will be prioritized over posts published by organizations. Posts and content that not drive engagement will therefore have a harder time to survive.

When companies react with fear and anxiety over this, it could possibly reveal a lot regarding the true nature of their current strategies, but also how they really think about it themselves. Since if you already have a presence on Facebook that engages people and drives conversation, you shouldn’t perceive this as doomsday – rather the opposite.

Facebook doesn’t make it harder for business per say. They make it harder for meaningless and spammy content. And this is not by any means a negative development. When the worlds dominating social network now take great strides trying to make its service more meaningful, it’s not far-fetched to think that the next era of social media is just around the corner. This next phase is based on a smarter and more mature digital environment in terms of marketing and advertising.

So, what are the concrete consequences? What will rise in importance if organizations wish to stay relevant?

The influencer hype will probably take a big blow. This is not to say that influencers days are counted, but rather that influencers who actually manages to gather a big following with relevant content will clearly stand out from the crowd. The world of influencers will be revised, and the good ones will remain.

One other thing that will be more important than ever is working with community management. Organizations will now have to pay attention to the isolated customer in order to maintain their communities. For things to be relevant and engaging, conversation and influence is key components which can’t be overlooked. And that’s the sole purpose of community management.

The gist; we ought to embrace this as an opportunity. All of us working with communication on social media must have to think once again regarding what content we put out. Organizations which doesn’t show users respect and neglect their intelligence, humor and time are soon to be old news. We also have a responsibility to connect people with information that gives them value. That’s the whole idea with Facebooks new strategy and updated algorithms.