April 12th will be a starting point for all publishers to create articles using Facebook’s instant articles. A new plugin for WordPress will make it possible to post articles directly to Facebooks special format.

With this Facebook is expanding their ecosystem and ownership of content distribution.

Together with Automattic, parent company of WordPress the social network has developed and tested the new plugin, which will be available for users that use standard WordPress templates. The plugin is open source enabling the WordPress community to contribute to it and develop it over time.

“The plugin is open source, and we encourage the community to participate in its development to help publishers of all types take full advantage of the fast, native experience of Instant Articles,” says a Facebook spokesperson. “We will continue to iterate the plugin over the coming weeks and look forward to collaborating with the WordPress community to improve the experience.” The Verge reports. 

This is a great opportunity for WordPress users and publishers, but also means that Facebook will keep their users on their platform. The network will provide more content and reach for those who publish on Facebook however this won’t encourage users to go to publishers or WordPress sites and build. I always encourage brands to build their own audience, to know them and understand their interests and needs. Instant articles is a good distribution channel, to include in your content strategy if you are using WordPress, but my advice is not letting instant articles or Facebook be your audience destination.

By Natalia Brynte