In todays media landscape many different kinds of agencies are in the battle of winning assignments from brands. But what offer is really needed to succeed? During the last years many content marketing agencies have grown fast, advertising agencies struggle to grow attention over time and PR agencies work changes since news distribution has changed; publicists have a new business model. Every agency is tapping into the others field, and only some are really making a difference; those who can adjust to the new world. What If you were about to start a new agency today, what needs would you fulfill? I think we are in need of an agency that can provide great creativity, strong content marketing approach and great understanding of the PR impact. Why?

Many of todays content marketing agencies lack big ideas, brands often have an ad agency covering that, and use their content marketing agency to produce content and build their audience. The PR agency provides earned media coverage.

Instead of debating which agency to choose, which one should lead, I think we need to have one agency that understands PR, works as a content marketing agency and is as creative as an advertising agency. The strategist or art director shouldn’t be thinking if their idea is campaignable enough, or more of an editorial piece, they should be asking themselves if its valuable for the audience, relevant and can help a brand to reach it’s goals. I don’t know how often I have discussions with clients on how they should distribute their budget to all their agencies and who should do what. And on the other hand, agencies working together for one client, at the same time being competitors, debating if an idea is in their scope or not.

The need for the creative marketing communication agency

If you work with a creative marketing communication agency that knows how to build your audience, helps in defining the big idea your impact will be greater. As a marketer you will get help from an agency that can engage with the audience and activate it during campaigns and understand the worlds as a PR agency.

Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t think the new agency is just one big mash up of an ad agency, PR agency and content marketing agency, as we know them today. I think it’s time for a new one, one where you have the advertising agencies strong creative and concept knowledge, content strategists with an understanding for long term relationship building, and PR mindset; to get an agency that can drive content centered communication, building a strong relationship to an audience and activate it when needed. When it’s time to spice it up, find niched partners to add whatever might be needed, such as tech, video producers or other specific tasks. Last but not least, we have the audience, today all content about a brand will be co-created adn that is a good thing if it’s within the brands strategy.

We can’t control our co-creators – but we can learn from them and get even better. That is why it’s even more important to have a creative marketing communication agency, that really knows the audience, in good times and in bad, during quiet times and campaigning times, simply at all times.