Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) is Sweden’s largest comic book and of course Kalle has his own Facebook and Instagram where his fans can interact, learn more and get updates. Together with editor Stina Lodén we are happy to create content and promote Kalle on social media and kalleanka.se with the aim to increase engagement, reach niche audiences and drive traffic to the website, with constantly increasing results.

Futency is a strategical partner to Thrilled regarding social media and digital communication for customers such as Pågen and Topeco. We support with digital strategies and are part of the team working on Pågen Gifflar Facebook page. Thrilled is an advertising agency that specializes in FMCG and strategical branding focused on purchase occasion. As the ecosystem for retail digitalizes, so does the communication plan.

Sydsvenskan is southern Swedens largest newspaper. Futency held a social media crash course to educate journalists how to connect and grow their social media presence.

Brygghuset Finn is an up and coming brewery in Sweden. Futency is helping with brand identity and content strategy. Finding the Brygghuset Finn identity and story working with insights and in-depth interviews to be able to grow a fanbase in social media.