We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with our gifts being some thoughtful reads. So, when you’re kicking back at the sofa, stuffed with all deliciousness offered by the holidays – grab your device and start to scroll. And for the record, that’s exactly what these articles are all about: human behavior, cultural context and technology. Enjoy!

When the majority of the worlds digital activities are centered on a dozen platforms, the inscrutable amounts of data we leave behind provide these services with unprecedented possibilities in terms of marketing. But how does the concept of privacy rank up towards smart, well-intended advertising? What is actually okay, and what is just creepy? / – The New York Times

Most of us have been there, watching the movie we love or laughing over certain scenes in it over and over again on youtube. However when it comes to this phenomenon, the medium or format can by all means differ, with movies being replaced by perhaps books or games. But what is this really? Why do we revisit things we know by heart and endings to? / – The Atlantic

Is the experience of running merely a physical one, or just as much a mental or even spiritual? It’s regardless one of the most primitive tasks a human being can perform, and many of us take pleasure in the solitude and peace that comes with it. But how does smart phones, apps and social media alter our relationship to running? Is it starting to evolve into something completely different? / – The New Yorker 

Social media pretty much follows a standard logic and format all over the globe. We use much the same applications, emoji’s and platforms. But on the receiving end there’s always people that thankfully differ– and with that also the cultural contexts they make sense of the world within. Recently, evidence surfaced which points toward that Russia influenced the outcome of the last US election with highly strategic use of social media. How could this be? Does American culture make its residents more inclined to being subjected for manipulation through social media? / – The New Yorker