Welcome back to the new year! We hope that you took the opportunity to relax and reload over the holidays. Now it’s time to get back to it and load the mind with new interesting stories and perspectives. With this post, we pick up were we left off and introduce as well as deliver interesting reads about technology and human behaviour. Enjoy! 

The infrastructure of the web and centralized services is not a static system, it’s frequently changing. To us in the field of communication, this constantly implies new contexts to consider while crafting our strategy and messages. This article looks into the state of SEO and what statistics and numbers over the years reveal about it. It turns out that SEO is by all means a highly relevant concept, but one that requires increasing attention to details. / – Moz

Uplifting news is a rare phenomenon in our times. Our feeds are dominated by reporting on reprehensive behaviour in global politics, the uncovering of structural sexual harassment and one environmental related disaster after the other. But hey, let’s feel better with some perspective. These shocking ads from the book Beyond Belief by Charles Saatchi gives us a crystal-clear indication of how far we’ve actually come, even though it doesn’t always seems like it. / – The Guardian

Remember The Sims? Yes, I mean that virtual advanced doll-house game many of us invested hours after hours in during our younger years. But why would anyone want to revisit the game today? This is a story of a woman who finds great value in managing the lives of her digital companions. Maybe you can too? / – GQ

Apps relying on gamification in order for people to get together is state of the art regarding dating and the digital. This has brought along promise of a improved love life for people not comfortable making contact in a physical, social setting. However, concerns about technology’s hollowing of romance is to a high degree still present. But here’s a story about how two young men paths crossed on the internet in a different way, one were technology led to a wedding. / – The New Yorker

.. and here comes a little bonus. If you’re interested in the psychological aspects of our digital love life, I strongly recommended this short fictional story – a highly debated and analysed piece over the last month that dissects the search for love in a digital landscape.