Futency är en kreativ kommunikationsbyrå som verkligen vill ha en produktionsledare på heltid.

Byrån är fortfarande liten, så räkna med att din roll flyter ihop med projektledarens emellanåt. Vi odlar en inkluderande kultur med god gemenskap, månar om varandra och kämpar för att ge våra kunder det bästa vi kan. Kundskaran är brokig och växande – bland dem finns bland andra Brygghuset Finn, Egmont, Sony Mobile Communications AB och Urtekram. Vi jobbar främst men inte enbart med strategi och innehåll för sociala och digitala medier.

Du blir en nyckelperson i alla projekt på byrån, eftersom du planerar och styr projekten i team med kreatörer och kundansvarig. Räkna med mycket egen kundkontakt. Med hjälp av ordning och reda, framförhållning och kunskap skapar du arbetsro och förtroende. Troligen har du fyra-fem års erfarenhet av produktionsledning på byrå, med inslag av projektledning, och relevant utbildning förstås. Eftersom vi har internationella kunder behöver du tala och skriva engelska och svenska obehindrat.

Om du tror att vi är rätt för varandra hör du av dig till info@futency.se på direkten!

Hälsningar från alla på Futency

LinkedIn has a vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. With 350 million members, LinkedIn has the members, the jobs, a unique understanding of the skills required to do those jobs, and a publishing platform. Some time ago LinkedIn acquired lynda.com, an online learning company. This was a missing ingredient to follow their mission and create an economic opportunity for members.  They had all the data around the skills required to obtain a role, now they can actually help people obtain those skills themselves.

Together with New York City’s $10 million public-private partnership Tech Talent Pipeline LinkedIn used insights from their economic graph to help deploy it’s resources strategically and grow the group of qualified tech talents.

“Developing the world’s first economic graph, in other words we are going to digitally map the global economy, what does that mean specifically? We are going to have a profile for every member of the global workforce, profile for every company in the world, we are going to have a digital representation of every job, every skill required to obtain those jobs offered through those companies. We are going to have a digital presence for every higher educational organization and university that enables people to obtain those skills, and we want to make it easy for every individual, every company and every university to share their professional relevant knowledge to the extent there are interested in and in doing so, the hope is that we can lift and transform the global economy. It’s not enough to standardize the skills required to obtain a role, it’s important that we train todays workforce in the jobs that are and will be and not the jobs that once were. “ LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner says.

Imagine being a professional seeking a new job, you will be able to instantly know which skills are needed and LinkedIn will be able to suggest relevant online training to obtain the required skills, through Lynda.com, at your pace. Or scroll through Slideshare presentations about topics that interest them most. This means that the person seeking a job will be able to get up to speed in an easy way, or keep their profile and knowledge up to date continually monitoring which skills are needed in his or her field, to be relevant and of interest for future employers.

There will be possibilities for more strategic decisions regarding knowledge sharing and funding from public governmental organizations, to increase a knowledge base in their area and target those who need a specific set of skills to provide for their home market.

This is one way to use ones data, and grow your own business around it and at the same time actually contributing to a global economic growth. In last weeks post I wrote about unbranded content hubs, and the possibilities to gain insights and knowledge, LinkedIns use of data is one way of doing it. As Joe Pulizzi says: “Don’t build your house on rented land”







Nowness is a global video channel screening the best in culture, it is an unbranded site by LVMH.
Fab Beauty is another example, an online media showcasing beauty professionals is another unbranded site that target only the dedicated within the beauty industry, by L’Oreal.

Why are these brands creating a content hub without branding it?
When most marketers chase return on investment and sales L’Oreal, with a $5.3 billion budget and the world’s third biggest marketer has done just that, according to the Ad Age Datacenter.

“We’ve always said our job is to launch brands and products, but also to promote and endorse the industry of beauty. It’s an industry people relate to, and we are lucky that it’s so inspiring and engaging.” An Verhulst-Santos, president of the L’Oreal professional products division, explained in Ad Age.

According to the article in Ad Age L’Oreal is not looking for sales but to secure engagement, they have other places for products messages.

Nowness is a place to go if you are into fashion and art, Louis Vuitton could be seen as a traditional prestige group, but this keeps it current and fresh, and embedded in a new creative class.” Mr Williams said in Ad Age.

Both brands are offering a creative and relevant destination for their audience, a way to provide great content and learn from that, take insights from their unbranded content hub back home, instead of always selling products. Brands filling the gap in the media landscape and actually developing a new product, a publishing media to learn from and engage in is a smart way to learn.

I believe that we will see more of these kind of initiatives in the future, as well as established brands buying smaller niched publishers. It’s an alternative way to engage with an audience while everyone else is pushing their message.

By Natalia Brynte

April 12th will be a starting point for all publishers to create articles using Facebook’s instant articles. A new plugin for WordPress will make it possible to post articles directly to Facebooks special format.

With this Facebook is expanding their ecosystem and ownership of content distribution.

Together with Automattic, parent company of WordPress the social network has developed and tested the new plugin, which will be available for users that use standard WordPress templates. The plugin is open source enabling the WordPress community to contribute to it and develop it over time.

“The plugin is open source, and we encourage the community to participate in its development to help publishers of all types take full advantage of the fast, native experience of Instant Articles,” says a Facebook spokesperson. “We will continue to iterate the plugin over the coming weeks and look forward to collaborating with the WordPress community to improve the experience.” The Verge reports. 

This is a great opportunity for WordPress users and publishers, but also means that Facebook will keep their users on their platform. The network will provide more content and reach for those who publish on Facebook however this won’t encourage users to go to publishers or WordPress sites and build. I always encourage brands to build their own audience, to know them and understand their interests and needs. Instant articles is a good distribution channel, to include in your content strategy if you are using WordPress, but my advice is not letting instant articles or Facebook be your audience destination.

By Natalia Brynte

How to navigate in today’s media landscape? Have great content of course, but before you create epic content, you need that creative idea, the big idea, you need to know what it’s all about. Then you need people with skills, excellent skills about bought media, earned media, owned media and social media.

How you define the big idea and narrow it down to relevant short stories and let it spin in different channels, crafted to fit each and every channel, to get that natural flow and engagement that will make the difference if the campaign will be successful or not.

Some already manages to get this combo that I’m writing about, creative minds working together with PR and content strategist that understands drivers of all relevant channels.

So, it’s how well you do your homework, understanding your target market, write your storylines, have relevant content and choose channels that will determine the success of your campaign, do you agree?